sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

Scandinavia's Adventure

Fix your watch.
The time is now.
I’m so incredible, but I gotta go.
Deeply in Norway.

The ice is covering
A great white landscape.
No colors. No intense.
Just a figure of sadness.

I remember when September arrives.
The flowers make me bright.
Not only for your colors.
But also for your smell.

How beautiful doves were soaring in the sky
My face was wondered with the wind
And everything in the right place
As God know.

Now, I’m here, looking for a better place.
A place with glad and jubilees.
Away from the darkness.
So far of the midnight.

I’ll get up and go.
Through the ocean and the mountains.
And when I find this place.

I’ll be at home.

Murilo de Carvalho

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